September 2013 Kids Music Reviews

Frances England, Trout Fishing in America and Elska

CD: Blink of an Eye by Frances England

Frances England’s Blink of an Eye mixes complex rhythms and themes with wispy-voiced brilliance and all-ages appeal. Each original song is a discovery, wonderfully produced by Dog on Fleas’ Dean Jones. Danceable rhythms on “Move Like Saturday Night” and “Little Wings” match England’s songwriting well. The album is gentle, even comforting, in the way of a really fun babysitter. “Tell Me It All” and “Home” (a piano-backed waltz) display a reflective side. “Day You Were Born” is a moving love song to anyone. This is an important voice in family music.

Trailer for Blink of an Eye


CD: Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers by Trout Fishing in America

Trout Fishing in America’s Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers perfects the delicious anarchy the partnership of Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood has brought to family music. From the tongue-twisting title tune to the complex storytelling of “The Late Great Nate McTate,” the new album may be the duo’s most multigenerationally appealing. Your inner 10-year-old boy will cringe at the horror of “My Sister Kissed Her Boyfriend,” then immediately figure out the mystery when “It’s Not Mud” on your shoe. The upbeat “Slow” speaks to anyone waiting . . . just waiting. Best is the not-just-for-Halloween “Boo!” with its creepy violin and samba beat. 

"Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers"

CONCERT: Elska at World Café Live (Philadelphia), Sept. 28

Utterly original and utterly committed to the “Island of Elska,” an imaginary island near Iceland. Imagine Patti Smith as a Teletubby, and you have Elska. Don’t miss her; click here for concert info.

"Arctic Fox"

"Hiddi Hiddi"  

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