Health & Nutrition

Why You Should Take a Closer Look at Your Kids’ Snacks

If the options at your child’s school cafeteria are lacking, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. According to Centers for...

My Turn: Health Benefits of Volunteering for Kids and Teens

Volunteering is a valuable experience that most people believe is beneficial for society.  It’s never too early to encourage your children to start volunteering...
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8 Essentials for a Healthy Heart

Take your family’s heart health into your own hands with Life’s Essential 8—a checklist of healthy habits and measures that affect heart, brain and...
A girl holding her elbow. She is wearing a grey plaid dress.

Rare Disease Day: What Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Is (And Isn’t)

Flexibility is usually described as a positive trait in children. They might be able to do party tricks like bend their pinky backwards or...
Happy Pregnant Woman Apply Skincare Cream Lotion On Pregnant Belly To Prevent Stretch Mark. Healthy Skin Massage Treatment And Moisture Care Concept.

Protect Your Skin During Pregnancy

With any pregnancy comes changes to a mother’s skin—such as a growing belly that stretches the skin — but beyond that there are other...
School Lunch

School Lunch Memories

Every school cafeteria offers a familiar scene. As lunchboxes open, eyes dart from one child to the next, and then comes the classic question:...
Getting A Bandage After A Vaccine

Should My Child Get Vaccinated?

According to the World Health Organization, vaccination prevents 3.5 million to 5 million deaths globally each year. Yet, in recent years the number of...
A young girl visits the doctor.

How to Make the Most of Your Child’s Wellness Visit

For some kids, visiting their pediatrician is all about the lollipops. “There have been times when my kids were nervous about getting a shot, but...
Vaping Devices Alt

What Parents Need to Know About Kids and Vaping

Faint scents of mint and mango emanate from middle and high school bathrooms, hallways and classrooms, from students’ parties and from bedrooms. These fruity...
Teens Using Exercise Bikes At Planet Fitness

Teens Work Out for Free at Planet Fitness this Summer

Delaware Valley High Schoolers Can Work Out for Free at Planet Fitness This Summer Planet Fitness is making it easy for teens to get in...