Winter Fun: Day 22

Tired of the same old movie routine? Mix things up inside and outside the house. Catch a FREE screening with themed activities or forget the movie and take popcorn-snacking to a new and entertaining level.




FREE Event Alert!

Family Movie Night: Despicable Me 2

Assemble the minions for FREE admission, FREE parking and FREE popcorn! Family Movie Night returns Feb. 23 to XFINITY Live! in Philly with a screening of Despicable Me 2 on the 32-foot HD LED big screen.

Join everyone’s favorite ex-supervillain and family for themed kids’ activities, arts & crafts and prizes. There will also be a special kids’ menu – our bets are on something served with the minion-favorite: banana.


Game On!

Popcorn Olympics

Is your family a little competitive? This may be a great way to spend some quality time together – and enjoy a snack. Whether you’ve only got time for one event or an entire Olympics-worth, here’s a rundown on a few suggested games that take popcorn to the next level. Keep score and see who takes home the gold.

The Straw Blow – Use a straw to blow a piece of popcorn from one end of the table to another.

The Mouth Toss – In this team event, two players stand a fixed distance apart and take turns trying to throw popcorn into the other’s mouth. After each successful throw, take 1 step back. The team that gets the furthest without dropping the popcorn wins.

Note: if consecutive successful throws prove too difficult, chose a fixed number of popcorn pieces to throw and see which team can move farthest away.

The Cup Drop – Stand on a chair and try to get as many pieces of popcorn to hit the target: the inside of the cup on the ground.

The Toss Up – In 60 seconds, toss as many pieces of popcorn, one at a time, into the air and try to catch them in your mouth.

The Distance Throw – Throw a piece of popcorn as far you can.

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