Winter Fun: Day 21


Once upon a time, little princes and princesses were looking for something to do! Whether they’re cooped up inside or looking to explore some enchanted woods, let their imaginations run loose with pretend play.



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Sprites and trolls? Heffalumps and woozles? Let kids bring their favorite tale to life during Fairy Tale Day at Gladwyne, PA’s Riverbend Environmental Education Center on Feb. 22. In preparation of Tell a Fairy Tale Day on Feb. 26, families gather to build fairy houses, set traps for giants and search for other mythical creatures throughout the woods



Get Crafty

Monster Feet

What You’ll Need:

2 Tissue Boxes
Tissue Paper
Large Sponge
Craft Glue


  1. Paint the tissue boxes. Note: If your little ones’ feet can’t fit through the hole in the top of the tissue boxes, cut it wider until they can.
  2. Scrunch up pieces of tissue paper. Stick them all over the painted tissue boxes with glue.
  3. Divide the sponge in half, then draw triangles down the length of each side and cut them out.
  4. Put glue along the flat side of each sponge and stick on to the top edge of each tissue box. Note: hold onto the sponges to help them stay in place until dry.
  5. Let the games begin!

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