Susan Danzi

Meet a MetroKids Mom

Elementary School Level Substitute Learning Assistant

Springfield, PA

Family includes kids Shawn, 20; Kayla, 10; Ava, 7; husband Jeff; and Friskie the cat




Favorite thing about Springfield:

The school district. We have been very happy with it. It’s also a great place to raise kids — it’s a great community.

Sibling rivalry remedy:

I try to explain that you may not always like your siblings but you have to love and respect them. Treat each other and speak to each other as you would like to be treated and spoken to — the Golden Rule!

Family project:

For more information on Bears for Smiles, which collects and donates Build-a-Bears to kids with cancer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, go to

In 2007, Kayla was diagnosed with cancer. The kids came up with an idea to collect and donate Build-a-Bears to give to kids with cancer at CHOP, where she was treated. We’ve donated close to 1,000 bears since 2009.

Your most popular pack-lunch item:

Peanut butter waffles. I toast waffles and spread peanut butter on them. The kids love them. (Find more ideas here.)

Your kids always . . .

Laugh and act silly.

Something your kids have taught you:

Resilience. Going through a cancer diagnosis as a family was awful. The kids were so strong. It amazed me how well they handled everything.

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