For Whom the School Bell Tolls

I write this memo an hour after learning that my new sixth-grader has been placed in the middle school hall he so wanted to get. What a relief! The school year can now begin without drama.

Well, no, that’s not going to happen. Drama always accompanies the start of a new school year, no matter how organized I am or how happy the kids are with their class assignments. Many of the moms I know experience the same phenomenon. That’s why two of our back-to-school articles address head-on the stress September can bring:

The Matthew Effect” discusses why third grade is so crucial to reading success and what parents of young elementary schoolers can do to keep their kids on course for lifelong literacy. “Common Core: Curriculum Controversy” explores why some parents and educators are protesting facets of the Common Core curriculum now taught in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania schools.

We lighten the look in “High School Superlatives,” which cheers on seriously cool things about the area’s public high schools. And the healthy, fun advice in “5 Lunches Kids Love” will lessen the lunch-packing drama in your kitchen.

Speaking (again) of drama, our family fall theater roundup, “Broadway in Your Backyard,” proves there really is no business like show business, with great play and musical choices for all ages. (I recently got to visit one of the featured venues, the Walnut Street Theatre. Read all about it here.)

Finally, ’tis the season when I get on my PTA soapbox. Being active in the PTA at both the elementary and middle school levels has helped me forge trusting relationships with my kids’ teachers and learn more about what happens during the day than I could ever learn from my sons. Though I have fewer hours these days to volunteer, I remain convinced that working with the PTA is time well spent — and I heartily recommend the experience to every parent. 

If you want to see how other moms in the MK community are weathering the September storm, check in with our mom bloggers here. We’re certainly glad you stole a few minutes during this hectic time of year to keep up with MetroKids. I wish you and your kids a drama-free return to school,


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