Fox Craft for Kids

Recycle your cardboard tubes into a cute foxy-friend! Just follow these steps
Img 1853

A pair of foxes | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Wait! Don’t throw out those paper towel rolls or tissue paper tubes. Do this craft with them instead. With a few simple supplies and easy steps, you can create an adorable fox friend.


You will need:

Img 1556

Supplies | Photo by Heather M. Ross

  • A paper towel roll
  • Scissors
  • Orange paint
  • White paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • A permanent marker


Step 1:

Cut the paper towel roll to size. It should be about 4 inches in length.

Step 2:

Img 1557

Step 2 | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Cut ears into the top edge of the paper towel roll. Be sure to save the scraps from this step; you will need them in step 6.

Step 3:

Paint the outside of the tube white. Let the paint dry completely.


Optional: You can also paint the scraps from step 2 white on both sides.


Tips: The reason for painting the entire tube white is so that the orange paint used in step 5 will stand out better than if it were painted directly onto the cardboard. Rinse your paintbrush with cold water because hot water can loosen the bristles and cause them to stick in the paint.


Step 4:

Trace a heart about the size of the one pictured onto the front of your paper towel roll creation.


Step 5:

Img 1818

Step 5 | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Paint the area outside the heart orange. Let the paint dry completely.


Step 6:

Take the scrap piece pictured and paint the tip white, allowing the paint to dry before proceeding.


Step 7:

Use the permanent marker to create a jagged pattern between the white portion of the scrap and the orange portion. This area will be the fox’s tail.


Step 8:

Give your fox a face. To make the fox’s face, think about how you want the fox to look and how it feels. See the picture below for a handy guide to drawing your fox’s facial expressions.

Img 1854

Facial Expression Guide | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Step 9:

Draw the legs of your fox: Make two sets of parallel lines about 1 centimeter apart, the same distance apart as you made your fox’s ears. See picture for clarification.

Img 1853

Picture for clarification | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Tip: You can trace the lines with a ruler if you’re worried about getting them straight.


Step 10: Lightly dust the tube in the area between the front legs with white paint to create the fur-like pattern.


Step 11:

Use the permanent marker to make a similar jagged pattern as the one you used on the tail going up from the bottom where the feet would be. Refer to the picture above for a visual guide.

Img 1850

Step 12 | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Step 12:

Turn the fox around so that you are looking at the back of it. Make a slit in the bottom of the cardboard tube with a pair of scissors as shown.

Step 13:

Trim the end of the tail opposite to the decorated tip to the desired length. Insert the orange end into the cardboard slit.


Step 13 | Photo by Heather M. Ross

Tip: If you’re having trouble getting the fox’s tail to stay in place, you can secure it on the inside of the tube with a small piece of adhesive tape.

Turn your fox around and enjoy your animal creation!

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