Moms Clubs

Feeling isolated? Support groups can fill the void.

Today's mothers often find themselves distanced from other family members. The resulting lack of support can leave a mom feeling lonely and isolated. Moms' support groups can fill this void.

Through regularly scheduled meetings and outings, these groups connect mothers who share similar circumstances. Ideas are exchanged in group discussions and, at some clubs, guest speakers provide helpful tips on parenting issues and topics such as nutrition, entrepreneurship and finances. These clubs can be a great place to make new friends. Many support groups will allow prospective members to sit in on a couple of meetings before joining.

National Clubs, Local Chapters

In addition to numerous local mom's groups, several national organizations have local chapters in the Delaware Valley. Here's what each type of group offers, along with contact information for local branches.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a mother's support group, consider these questions.

  • Are meetings held in a convenient location?
  • Will the time of day interfere with your child's nap time?
  • What are the ages of the other mothers' children? If you're the only mom with a newborn, you might not get the same benefit as you would in a group with other new moms.
  • Does the group offer activities for the children?

What Moms Value in Their Groups

The affirmation and the knowledge that your experience is not unique to you. There are a million other women in this world going through the same thing. – Marnie Anderson, president, Philadelphia Chapter, Mocha Moms

Being able to get out and meet other moms as well as the community service, which is a good way to get involved in something that's not just family oriented. – Kathleen Rhein, member of the Chester County Mothers of Multiples

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