Siouxzan Moore


MetroKids Magazine wants to get to know our readers and is excited to introduce a new feature in our magazine that spotlights a mom living in our area. We ask her to tell what she likes best about where she lives, share some parenting insights and more.

Our June Mom is from Townsend, DE, and America's Mrs. Delaware 2012:

Meet Siouxzan:


Congratulations! What is the most positive result of your winning America’s Mrs. Delaware 2012?

I have the opportunity to inspire others. I have always enjoyed and worked hard to better my community but this title has helped to open doors for me — from national radio shows to making children smile at the Ronald McDonald House.

At a glance…
Siouxzan is a married mom of two children, ages 8 & 11, and three cats. In addition to running her production company, Crowns of Inspiration, Inc., she works as a property administrator.
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What is the inspiration behind your production company, Crowns of Inspiration, Inc.?

I have always loved pageantry and wanted to be a pageant director or event planner  in my life. I wanted to create a name brand that would represent what I believe in — that individuals in pageantry are more than just a pretty face or a crown. They have the power to help and inspire others and change their communities.

You’re an anti-cyberbullying advocate. What advice do you have for parents to prevent or end cyberbulling?

As a parent and from speaking to individuals from many organizations, the best thing to do is to make sure you stay involved in your child’s life — know who their friends are and what their activities are. Be mindful of what your family is posting on the web, as privacy is a huge concern. I personally believe that no one should have a social networking page, blog or website until they are old enough to understand the responsibilities that go along with it.  

What’s your favorite summer activity for winding down?

I love biking, going for walks and any type of outdoor activities with my family. No electronic devices allowed!

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