New Year's Resolutions

MK readers tell us their parenting plans for 2015.

On the cusp of the new year, we asked our Facebook friends to fill in the blank:

“My 2015 New Year’s parenting resolution is to _______.”

Here’s a sampling of their answers. Any of them sound familiar? Ring in with your own parenting resolutions in the comments below and don't forget to . . .

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“My 2015 New Year’s parenting resolution is to _______.”

Rebecca M.: Get my last kiddo potty-trained.

Theresa S.: Not have anxiety attacks every time there is a runny nose.

Amy Y.-R.: Listen more and lose my patience less.

Alex W.: Not cry when it’s time to take my child to daycare.

Laura K.: Spend more one-on-one time with my oldest.

Stephanie T.: Not yell so much.

Jeanine M.: Try to plan more at night so the three of us aren’t so rushed on our way out the door every morning. And to speak with kindness.

Crystal M.-R.: Go more places with the kids.

Christina L.: Spend more quality time focused just on them. Before you know it, they are grown.

Maureen M.-R.: Let it go!!

Roseanne M.: Get my young children off of YouTube and doing more constructive activities.

Patricia S.: Not to get upset so easily.

Joy M.-W.: Read each night with each child before bed, even it cramps my grownup space.

Alyssa B.: Be consistent

Mapi V.: Spend more time doing crafts, playing, being silly.

Una M.: Enjoy the moment more.

Diane B.: Protect & love our children/grandchildren.

Stacy C.: Relax!

Geri A.: Make a new song every day with my Hannah . . . and sing it out loud!

Carri T.-V.: Let go of negativity.

Brandywine Buzz: Keep the kids safe and healthy. Same as every year.

Thee H.: Not sweat the small stuff.

What's your New Year's resolution when it comes to your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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