Christmas? I'm not ready

Christmas can't come yet. I'm just not ready.

I am not referring to my lack of gift buying and wrapping, although I'm still tying up loose ends in that department.

By ready, I mean my media readiness. As in, I have not spent nearly enough time curled on the couch watching animated movies circa 1974. You know the puppet looking renditions of Rudolph, Santa and the whole gang.

No Christmas would  be complete without them.

This crazy busy month of  December has not allotted us the time to watch.

You would think in this new age in which we live, chock full of DVDs, iPods and the like, that we would have these movies at the ready. Yet we do not.

I can recall a time in my youth, when the date was circled on the calendar alerting us when our favorite Christmas movies would air, as so not to miss them.

I' m not sure how Santa can really come to this house this year as we have not honored him by singing along with Mister Heat Miser and his grumpy brother.

I'm  just not sure how it will happen.

Heat Miser is a character from the Rankin/Bass 1974 children's television special The Year Without a Santa Claus.

Shivaun Williams is a Bucks County, PA writer and mom of 3. This post was adapted from her blog, Dar Liomsa (In My Opinion). She also blogs at Levittown Comfort.

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