Mom-Approved No-Power Snow Day Activities

Last week, in the wake of the ice storm that knocked out power to so many area families, we asked our Facebook friends how their family weathered the boredom that comes on a snow day with no electricity. Nearly 50 moms and dads commented, with so many good ideas, we share them here, a day before the next big storm is expected to hit. As you'll see, board games, lego, flashlight games and fort building are quite popular.

Here's hoping we all get through tomorrow's winter wallop safely and with power. We suggest you keep a few of the following activities in mind just in case. And if you haven't already, like us on Facebook for daily parent conversations, funnies, info and giveaways. 

  1. Play flashlight tag. (Sandra D.)
  2. Hedbanz. (Stacy C.)
  3. Build with Legos and train or car tracks, Play-Doh, board games and read(Jamie L.)
  4. Board games. (Frank P.)
  5. I have a bag of crafts that I stash for rainy or snowy days like these with no power. They can go through the bag and find crafty thing to make! When my son gets bored of doing girlie things he can go build things with his Legos. (Anissa H.)
  6. We play hide-and-go-seek with flashlights. (Kathy G.-A.)
  7. We've been playing lots of solitaire lately. (Lori Z.)
  8. Play with army men, draw pictures, play with toys. (Kara L.)
  9. Dance party and freeze dance, with us singing the music. (Stacy B.)
  10. Play board games. (Jeremy M.)
  11. We don't really let the kids use electronics but we usually play board games and act out puppet shows. (Katie W.)
  12. Coloring. (Melissa C.)
  13. Puzzles, Go Fish, dancing, singing and coloring. (Corrin P.)
  14. We play board games. My husband usually hooks a spotlight up to the generator so we can see. (Peg D.)
  15. We have a 3-, 4-, and 8-year-old trio of girls. They color, dress up, play with flashlights and glow toys, and we play candlelight board games. (Jennifer C.)
  16. Legos. (Shanese J.)
  17. Flashlight tag or hide-and-seek. (Cassandra C.)
  18. Crafts or any kind of art project. (Amanda V.)
  19. One draws, one eats, one fusses. (Kelly H.)
  20. We cook together and make cool snacks. (Charlene S.)
  21. We make tents and pretend to camp with flashlights. (Kristie D.)
  22. Mine busily create comic books. (Laura D.-P.)
  23. Jewelry making. (Kristine H.)
  24. During the Hurricane Sandy power outage, my daughter cleaned out and carved pumpkins near the large dining room window, which gave her enough light to make her creations.(Laurie H.)
  25. Legos, coloring books, lots of arts and crafts, indoor football. (Larisa S.)
  26. Legos! (Beth D.)
  27. Drawing and painting, doing puzzles or we read. (Natalie W.-A.)
  28. Board games by the fireplace. (Steve S.)
  29. Blocks, coloring books and crayons, reading. (Jenn M.)
  30. They love to draw and color and play with flashlights. (Karen D.)
  31. We love to play school. (Deborah M.)
  32. Board games. (Rebecca A.)
  33. My four boys play hide and seek in the dark. (Laura D.-P.)
  34. They have a feet meet: Sit on the floor with feet touching & ask each other questions, which usually leads to a wrestling match. (Tracey F.)
  35. My daughter plays flashlight games with the cats. She turns the flashlight on and has the cats go crazy chasing the light…lol. (Rachel S.)
  36. Monopoly. Need I say more? (Jill H.)
  37. Legos by flashlight. (Jeanine M.)
  38. Legos, putting on a musical performance, fashion show, arts & crafts and eating everything in sight! (Tomika B.)
  39. My kids are very creative and paint, color, cut, etc. (Heather C.)
  40. My daughter chases the dog through the house and plays with her dollhouses. (Zakia J.)
  41. Puppet shows. (Jessica A.)
  42. Play hide-and-seek. (Lin L.)
  43. Family talent show using flashlight as spotlight. (Audrey H.)
  44. Play board games. (Sharon C.)
  45. Play with Play-Doh, color and my 8-year-old does science experiments. (Linda H.)
  46. Using paper bags to toss balls in with points written on the bag. Using those bags as bowling pins and a ball as bowling ball….LOL. (Kisha B.-B.)
  47. My 8-year-old dissected a cow's eye. School may be closed, but we can still learn at home. (Amy S.)
  48. Build snowmen and make snow angels for as long as they can take the cold. (Ilene L.)

Got other ideas? Comment below and we'll add it to the list!

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