MetroKids November 2013 Preview

Family: Two Kids . . . and a Dog

One of the best parts about working at MetroKids is attending community events and meeting the real families for whom we put these pages together every month. Not long ago, at the Independence Seaport Museum’s Old City Seaport Festival, I got to speak with hundreds of MK readers who came through our crafty “Pirate’s Lair.” While we swashbuckled, I marveled at the many iterations that make a “family”: grandfather and grandson; single mom with twodaughters; 5-year-old twins dressed in coordinating superhero shirts; a dad, his visiting, still-spry mother and his teenage son; the classic nuclear crew — mom, dad, two kids, two years apart.

A mere seven months ago, I’d have included my family in that traditional four-count. But in April, we brought home a fifth family member: an exuberant Westie puppy. Ostensibly a birthday gift for my younger son, who’d long pined for a dog, Daisy walked into the house like she owned the place — and in the process, walked into my till-that-moment dog-disinterested heart.

Given my newly found love of all things canine, I can hardly wait until MetroKids day at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show (Nov. 17). In anticipation of the big event, this edition features interviews with the show’s top dogs: host John O’Hurley (the link to win his new kids’ book, The Perfect Dog, will go live on Nov. 1) and commentator David Frei (who gives insider tips on how families should tour the show here). As you can tell from the proud pooch pictures below, dogs are a truly important part of the MK family.

Whatever the makeup of your family, November’s the traditional month to give thanks for kith and kin. So we’ve devoted plenty of print to navigating the extended season of extended family gatherings: We’ve got articles on the importance of documenting a family-wide health history, on post-adoption parenting and our special needs school survey, on keeping the social season tantrum-free, on spending serious craft and game time with your kids, on taking pro-quality holiday-card photos. My husband and I haven’t shot our brood’s annual picture yet, but I have no doubt that when we do, the newest, fluffiest member of our household will be front and center. Our family: Two smiling kids . . . and a dog.

Penny & Xena Weinmann                                    Daisy Krementz

Sophie Katz                                             Sadie, Jake & Molly Hair

Gizmo Kuperschmidt                Tigger Thompson                                                                                 

Kandle Rucker

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