Have You Met the Switch Witch?

I admit it: I have a love-hate relationship with candy. I love it, but I am also mom to three little boys. In an effort to teach them healthy ways and set a good example, I try to keep their and my access to candy under control. I'm always looking for ways either to avoid giving them candy or switch things up when candy does come home with them.

Introducing the Switch Witch. I am not sure when she came to be, but I am so glad she did. My boys might love Batman, Spiderman, Superman. But for me, one of my favorite superheroes is the Switch Witch. Every Halloween night, after the kids have gone to bed, she sneaks into my home, leaves a non-sweet treat for my boys, then sneaks off into the night with their Halloween stash of candy. 

Do my boys mind?

Not at all. From their trick-or-treat bags, they will each get to pick out a few pieces of candy to eat over the next week, usually as a reward for extra-good behavior. The rest goes to the Switch Witch. After all, what child wouldn't prefer a toy or gift over candy?

What can the Switch Witch bring your child?

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Board games or video games
  • Tickets to someplace fun
  • Legos or building blocks

I'm not the only mom who loves the Switch Witch. She has her own book, and the Mama Natural blog even created this video to explain just who the Switch Witch is and how to explain her to your children.

This year, invite the Switch Witch to your home. Simply have your kids leave their candy supply in a special place. At night once they are in bed, the Switch Witch takes the candy and replaces it with a gift. In the morning, the kids will forget about the candy as they are opening up that amazing gift you bought. Leave a few empty candy wrappers around to add to the Switch Witch effect. This will be our fifth year of the tradition, and my kids love it. 

I'm realistic. I know I can't control what they eat forever. But I have a great responsibility to establish healthy eating habits. I think, and hope you agree, that far more good will come from a visit from the Switch Witch than just letting them feast on it till it's gone.

Jennifer Auer is a South Jersey mom. This post is adapted from her blog,Jersey Family Fun. 

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