Meet Our CoverKid: Alexis D.

Alexis, this month’s CoverKid, is a very talented young lady. In addition to being active in sports, she aspires to attend the University of Central Florida where, she says, “I also can picture myself cheering under the Friday night lights at the football games.”

Alexis hopes to work after college at a gym or rehabilitation facility.

What sparked your interest in CoverKids?

“I became interested in CoverKids when my mom and I were at my doctor’s appointment and saw the magazine on the table. I used to be involved with modeling and I thought it would be nice to get back into it.”

What are your goals for the future?

“My goals for the future are to go to college for physical therapy. I plan to be a physical therapist or trainer for basketball at the college level and then eventually for the NBA. (Basketball is such a fun sport to watch and be a part of!) When I am ready, I also plan to open up my own rehabilitation center.”

What are your interests and hobbies?

“My interests include the beach and shopping. I also love cheerleading and I run track. I have done cheerleading for six years now and plan to continue cheering in college. Track is a difficult sport but I do love running! My main interest, however, is Justin Bieber! I have loved him forever and hope to meet him one day!”

What is your favorite subject in school, and why? “It is pretty hard choosing just one favorite subject. My two favorites are language arts and gym. I love language arts because I excel in it and I like to write. I have also had such great language arts teachers who made me love it even more! (However, I always get the best teachers for every subject.) I enjoy gym because it actually is a lot of fun and I like to stay active!”

What careers pique your interest?

“Physical training and therapy have always interested to me. In doing sports, injuries can happen. I have had minor injuries and going to my school’s amazing trainers really sparked my interest in physical therapy. I also am interested in forensic psychology, because I think the profession is awesome! I took an advanced placement psychology course in school this past year, and I found it to be such a great subject! I also like crime shows, so that profession sounds pretty cool.”

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