Meet Our April CoverKid: JoJo F.











Our April CoverKid — JoJo F. of Philadelphia — is the perfect choice for our nature-themed issue because he loves bugs and animals. We set his photo shoot against the backdrop of Tyler Arboretum’s early spring greenery.

What he thinks about bugs: “Oh, boy, I love bugs. I love ants. I saw an ant at Ooma’s (grandma’s) house. I like them because they are really, really tiny. I like grasshoppers’ legs, and spiders and caterpillars. I love all insects!”

About JoJo’s family: JoJo lives with his parents and is an only child, but he has 17 cousins to play with. His special friends from this large group are Bryce (4) and Bryan (6). They like to play tag together.

JoJo also has very special relationships with his grandparents and thinks of them as his best friends.

JoJo’s personality: JoJo’s mom says, “He approaches every task with infectious enthusiasm. The only thing that JoJo does not like to do is sleep!”

We saw his personality in action as he zoomed through the arboretum in search of both bugs and new structures to climb.

Hobbies and activities: On Saturdays, JoJo and his dad can be found at gymnastics class, and on Sunday afternoons, JoJo gets swim lessons from one of his grandfathers. When he hangs out with Mom, he likes to read, do arts and crafts and practice yoga.

JoJo’s favorites: If you ask JoJo what his favorite song is, he’ll tell you either Laura Izibor’s “If Tonight Is My Last” or “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. He watches the Octonauts, The Wild Kratts and anything on the National Geographic Wild channel. He definitely loves nature!

An active little boy, JoJo loves to dance, jump and try out karate.

What he wants to be when he grows up: Spider-Man!

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