The Day We Met Our Daughter


Six years ago today, our arms and hearts were full.

Tonight we had Chinese food for dinner, food a bit different than the food we ate in Xian 6 years ago. And we talked about that day, remembering how nervous I was, remembering introducing her to the family over the computer, remembering how she surprised us with a sweet little birthmark and dimples. We asked her how she felt that day and then how she thinks she felt when she said she didn’t remember.

Happy and scared.

That’s what she told us.

And, I’m pretty sure she is right, with some sad and mad mixed in there, too.

When she saw these pictures side by side tonight, you’d never know how she fussed about me interrupting her playing to to take this year’s edition. She smiled and snuggled in as she counted each one and wondered aloud what the next one and the next one and the next one would look like. Our simple little tradition of a photo in the same place in the same way on the same day every year seems to cement for her the permanency of where she is, the forever-ness of family and expectation of good things ahead.

Kelly Raudenbush is a mother to four children and cofounder of The Sparrow Fund, a nonprofit committed to encouraging and equipping adoptive families. Learn more about her family's adoption story, how she's been changed by it and what life for as a parent to four children with all sorts of unique needs and gifts at My Overthinking.


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