Kindie Grammy Nominees for 2019

These artists are winners, regardless of which of them gets the top prize Sunday night.

Little difference lies between the honor of being Grammy nominated for Best Album for Children and actually winning 
that award. Award hardware is great, but rising to the top among outstanding musical choices for kids and families is no small accomplishment. When the award is presented in the non-broadcast (online) portion of the Grammy Awards on February 10, a win by any of this year’s nominees will make me happy.

Tim Kubart Building Blocks

Tim Kubart, Building Blocks

Tim Kubart’s 2015 Grammy win in this category for his CD Home during his time as co-host of TV’s Chica Show established his multimedia credentials. His 2018 nomination for Building Blocks shines new light on this phenomenal talent. My heart melts on “Ready for You,” a love song to shelter-pet adoption.


Falu, Falu's Bazaar

Falu, Falu’s Bazaar

The nomination for Falu’s Falu’s Bazaar expands the intrinsic diversity of kids’ independent music to embrace South Asian music and cultures. Falu’s (aka Falguni Shah) appointment as Carnegie Hall’s Ambassador of Indian Music brought her to the Obama White House. She now brings a lifetime of musical excellence and tradition to new audiences. Falu’s music starts where so many kids’ music starts — on “Pots and Pans.”

Frank and Deane, The Nation of Imagine

Frank and Deane, The Nation of Imagine

Occasionally, a Grammy nod introduces me to a musician, and this year’s nod to Frank and Deane’s The Nation of Imagine came out of the blue for me. This rocking duo brings nice guitar work to an impressive effort.



Lucy Kalantari and The Jazz Cats, All the Sounds (Winner of the 2019 Grammy)

Lucy Kalantari, The Jazz CatsThe Pop Ups, Giants of ScienceThe Pop Ups, Giants of Science

Last year’s columns sang the praises of nominees Lucy Kalantari’s All the Sounds and The Pop Ups’ Giants of Science. Told ya!! I’m delighted Grammy voters share my enthusiasm for both creations from the Brooklyn branch of the kindie community. Kalantari and her band The Jazz Cats celebrate All the Sounds that unite us in her uniquely clarinet-tinged collection that veers between light fun to profound thoughts. NPR Wow in the World Podcast superstars The Pop Ups bring their 80’s flavored pop to a celebration of science and its own superstars
 for their third Grammy nod. I bow to nobody in my love for this high energy duo whose live show is a visual feast perfectly matched with the CD’s tunes. This is smart, delightful music.

Remarkable Women

You can’t go wrong bringing home these Grammy-nominated artists but consider looking beyond to some remarkable women whose 2018 releases will stand tall in your music collection:

Laura Doherty, High Five

Laura Doherty, High Five

Rock and roll from one of kindie’s consistent pleasures. This Chicago-based artist truly understands kids.

Marsha and the Positronics, Positronic

Marsha and the Positrons, Positronic

DC Frances England, Blue Skiesrocker who takes an occasional jazzy turn. Featuring some terrific collaborations with other kindie folk.

Frances England, Blue Skies Sunny Days

There is a wispy quality to Frances England’s voice that brings unique intimacy to every song.

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