From Cradle to College with NXTsports Lacrosse Camps

NXTsports lacrosse camps offer kids, from beginner to elite, a chance to explore the sport and hone their skills.

Summer will be here before you know it, and as hard as it may be to grasp the concept of warmer weather again, it
 isn’t too early to start considering how your child will spend their summer days. Signing your child up for a sports camp not only ensures your kid won’t be glued to their phone or Fortnite all day, but provides social interaction, physical activity, and helps continue their interest in something they are passionate about.

Summer camps provide kids with a structured opportunity to grow and keep themselves active while meeting new friends and learning new skills. NXTsports offers children in the Philadelphia area a chance to explore the world of lacrosse through a series of camps ranging from beginner to elite.

NXTsports NXT Lacrosse Academy Summer CampNXT’s mission is to make the experience matter in everything they do in boys and girls lacrosse. The mission starts on whiteboards and spreadsheets. It starts with a game plan executed by MVPs at every level.

“We want to make each experience matter because we understand the importance of what happens on a field possibly impacting a child way beyond childhood,” says Marty Kupprion, VP of Boys Lacrosse at NXT. Kupprion has overseen the boys programs for 10 years alongside colleagues from NXT’s headquarters out of the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.

“We have run over 80 lacrosse camps and clinics, 25 boys and girls club lacrosse teams, and 41 lacrosse tournaments and recruiting Showcases both locally and across the country,” Kupprion continues. Attendees of NXTsports summer camps have the opportunity to work alongside former and current DI, DII, and DIII coaches and players. New to the NXT team, but not the lacrosse world, is Candace Bossell, former head coach at La Salle University. Bossell now oversees the girls programs and clubs at NXT.

“Sports are exciting and tough,” says Bossell. “My goal is for my players to love the game even more now than when they first started playing. If I am successful at that, the wins and losses will take care of themselves. My coaching philosophy can be summed up in one statement — you can, you will.” Both Bossell and Kupprion, along with their carefully selected team of coaches, will be at each camp, providing parents the opportunity to receive feedback on their children as well as ask coaches questions.

Cradle Lacrosse

NXT’s beginner series, known as Cradle Lacrosse, teaches basic skills in a one-of- a-kind, unrivaled environment. Cradle’s four-day camp focuses on building players’ confidence and having success through its unique curriculum, which introduces kids to lacrosse in a fun way. Cradle Lacrosse is open to boys and girls ages 4–8 who want to learn lacrosse. No equipment is needed, so you don’t have to worry about having a stick gathering cobwebs in the garage if your child determines this isn’t for them! Experience is not required — just come play!

Play Fast Camp

NXTsports Play Fast Lacrosse Camp

Play Fast Camp is NXT’s fundamental-level four-day camp for girls and boys ages 7–14 who want to tune their skills and elevate their game. For players of
 all levels and positions, including goalie, the carefully designed Play Fast curriculum skips the lines and puts players through fast-paced, high-energy drills.

The 8-to-1 player-to-coach ratio keeps things moving. In the morning, players work on individual skill development and team concepts, with the afternoon dedicated to team bonding, splash games, and scrimmages.

NXT Lacrosse Academy Summer Camp

New this year is the NXT Lacrosse Academy Summer Camp (NLA). The NLA Camp is a continuation of the NXT Winter Lacrosse Academy. This elite training is for high-performing lacrosse players driven to take their game even higher. The program matches a play
er’s intensity with small-group, position-based instruction built on a Division I training curriculum. This isn’t a time to run through the motions in your average drill. NXT is taking it one step further and offering the four-time sold-out NLA winter program in the summer!

To sign up for a NXT summer camp 
or learn more about the coaches, visit For more information regarding boys summer camps email Marty Kupprion at For information on NXT’s girls summer camps, email Candace Bossell at

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