KidSpeak: The 2016 Presidential Election, Part 3

Editor's Note: After collecting thoughts on the presidential election and candidates from teens and tweens (see Part 1 and Part 2), we reached out to local kids ages 5-10. We gave them a question that allowed them to dream big: What would you do if you were president? Here are their responses:

"Make more trees." — Sophie, age 6


"I would take care of our veterans because they fought for the USA and got our country where it is today." — Sarah, age 9


"Make girls and boys more equal." — Saoirse, age 7


"Get Duck Donuts for all!" — Braydon, age 6


"I would free people from all different countries!" — 6-year-old boy


"Throw a party because I just figured out I was president! Then I’ll do some important stuff." — 8-year-old boy


"Everyone would get a free dog and free cats for when we run out of dogs. Everyone must have a job. If they don't like their boss, I will fire them and hire a nice one. Everyone must share their food with people from other countries." — Jordan, age 8

What would your child do if he or she were president of the United States? Let us know in the comments!

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