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Editor's Note: As fortune would have it, when we chose a random winner of PoliticalFest tickets from among the kids who told us what they would do as president, the winner was Sarah Hullihen. Sarah has her own blog, loves presidential history and politics and will be letting us share her posts as she takes her family along to PoliticalFest during the Democratic National Convention week. 

Hello! For this post I am going to explain a few facts of the presidents, and I hope you enjoy.

We all know that George Washington was our first president, but did you know he was a dog lover? He had hunting and hound dogs, and there were about 30 of them. If you liked George Washington’s fact, you will be interested in Monroe’s.

The next president that has some interesting facts is James Monroe. Some people know him from the Monroe Doctrine, some know him from the first president to travel by steamboat, but did you know he was also the first senator to become president? There are some other cool facts about Monroe, but let's save them for another post.

Now that I’ve talked about George and James, I’ll give you facts about another James. James Polk. Did you know that James Polk was the first president to have his photo taken in office? No? Well, now you know.

This president is my personal favorite president: Abraham Lincoln. One fact about Lincoln was that he was the first president to have a beard. And here’s a little thing about some elections that he was in. Lincoln ran for Senate twice, yet lost both times. As you can see, Abe Lincoln was pretty cool.

Those are a few facts that you might not have known before about presidents, but you know now. I hope you have enjoyed this post! Thank you!

Sarah Hullihen is a 9-year-old from the Philadelphia area with a keen interest in politics. She blogs at


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