Kid-Friendly Dance Party Videos

Dance in the start of spring!

What better way to celebrate spring than to "Shake It Off" with a good ol' family dance party? MomSpeaker Jeanne McCullough is a dance party expert, as evidenced by her choice of kid-friendly videos her kids love to boogie down to. They've got a beat, now you get moving!

Around here, we love a good dance party! Almost every night of the week you can find our family cutting loose and shaking it off to one of our favorite family jams. Dancing is good for the soul, amiright? My husband Dave is the family go-to guy for all the trendy new songs, while I’m the supercheesy mom finding videos made specifically for kids. Thankfully, Red and the Meatball love both of our tastes in music (except for maybe my country music and Dave’s penchant for Phil Collins). This winter has been testing all of our sensory needs, and these videos are always a hit!

Check out more on my kid-friendly video Pinterest board. If your family is in a rut one of these days, you’ll be glad to have these tunes in your back pocket to shake those sillies out!

Jeanne McCullough is a Montgomery County, PA mom. This post was adapted from her blog Mom Hearts Pinot.

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