How-to… organize the game cabinet


We have a small-ish wooden cabinet we got at Ikea, years ago.  it sits at the bottom of the stairs and serves as our catch-all for games.

We got several new games for Christmas, so I figured it was a good time to clean out the cabinet.

First, I took everything out and grouped like things (by size or style) together to better asses my storage needs. Then I purged the things that were lost, broken, out grown or not played with. There was nothing in our not-played-with pile (part of why we have space issues).

I set aside the giant-piece puzzles that Owen can put together in 3 minutes…I set aside Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders.

I realized that we had  a lot of small games and cards…so I got 2 plastic shoe boxes out of my stash, labeled them, and made one for cards and card games and one for small games. Then I played around with the boxes until almost everything fit.  

I ended up taking Perfection out of it's box — the small pieces store in a compartment underneath, and the game fit perfectly without its giant box. I also set a small tin with a "missing pieces and instructions" label on it inside the cabinet. When I find a piece, it goes in there until the next time we play the game.  

We still have a few games elsewhere around the house…but for the most part, our games are neat, orderly and contained.

After reorganizing


What's an area of your house that needs organizing?

Hillary Chybinski is a crafty mom of 2 boys living the American Dream with her husband in the Philly burbs.  This post was adapted from her blog, My Scraps.


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