Teaching kids to give back


If you have children, I am sure last month you heard them talk about all the things they want under the tree or saw them making lists upon lists for Santa. We need to remember that giving is a two-way street, and to talk to our children about giving.

Talking about giving can encourage lifelong generosity in kids. It's not simple to know where to begin the conversation, but it's a good idea to avoid language that makes people in need seem different. Instead focus on how all people need help at some point in their lives. Talk to your children about the help you have received as a parent, and relate it to your family.

Here are a few fantastic books that encourage ways for children to give back.  Giving back doesn’t have to stop after the holidays. It can be an ongoing effort that will change your child’s perspective of others and themselves for a lifetime.

A Kid's Guide to Giving
Innovative Kids, $9.99
grade 7 & up

The Giving Book
Watering Can, $10.01
ages 4 & up

The Giving Tree

(HarperCollins, $14.47)
ages 1 & up

Trina O'Boyle is a Drexel Hill, PA mom of two boys. This post is adapted from her blog, O'Boy! Organic.


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