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Good Intentions Don't Prevent Cavities

Parents choose juice boxes, gummy vitamins and bottled water with their kids' health in mind, but it could lead to more cavities, warns Dr. Rachel A. Maher.

Is it OK for Teens to Drink Coffee?

"One daily cup of coffee won’t harm kids over the age of 12 – as long as they avoid all other sources of caffeine" which include soda, iced tea chocolate, energy drinks and some over-the-counter drugs, like Excedrin.

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My Turn: Health Benefits of Volunteering for Kids and Teens

Volunteering is a valuable experience that most people believe is beneficial for society.  It’s never too early to encourage your children to start volunteering in an age-appropriate way, and there’s no better time than National Volunteer Week (April 16-22). [caption…

Watermelon Snowman Snack

The cold chill of winter may have you feeling trapped indoors with nothing to do and nowhere to go, but fun activities fit for the whole family can add excitement and chase…

Protect Your Skin During Pregnancy

With any pregnancy comes changes to a mother’s skin—such as a growing belly that stretches the skin — but beyond that there are other skin changes brought about by…

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