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Good Intentions Don't Prevent Cavities

Parents choose juice boxes, gummy vitamins and bottled water with their kids' health in mind, but it could lead to more cavities, warns Dr. Rachel A. Maher.

Is it OK for Teens to Drink Coffee?

"One daily cup of coffee won’t harm kids over the age of 12 – as long as they avoid all other sources of caffeine" which include soda, iced tea chocolate, energy drinks and some over-the-counter drugs, like Excedrin.

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CHOP Announces Healthier Together Grant Winners

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recently announced its first winners of Healthier Together Grants, which will fund local programs that address family food insecurity. "We know that a child's health…

Spotting a Speech Disorder in Children

When my son was a toddler, he couldn’t pronounce the letter “R.” Words like “river” were “wivuh” and “crab” became “cwab.” At the time, I thought these speech errors only…

Top Sunscreens For Kids

Sunscreen is a year-round necessity to prevent skin damage and skin cancer, but it’s especially important during the summer, when UV rays are the strongest. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that all…

Child Car Seat Safety Tips

Installing and using a child’s car seat might seem straightforward, but you would be surprised how often car seat checkup events can prove otherwise. Some child seat misuse factors…

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