Take Your Child to Work Day


Today is Take Your Child to Work Day – and that's exactly what we're doing here at MetroKids.

The kids think they've got an easy day off from school. But the truth is, we've got work lined up for them. After a grueling morning stuffing and labeling envelopes, we'll walk around the neighborhood and have some lunch. And after that, the junior editors might even find themselves writing a short article and composing Tweets and Facebook posts.

Check in throughout the day and we'll add their impressions of life and work in the MetroKids office below.

Tyler B. wrote: "Why to Go to Hershey Park"

I personally love amusement parks but by far my favorite theme park is Hershey Park. The reason I love Hershey Park is because of their awesome rides. They have a total of 11 roller-coasters, which are really fun. My favorite roller-coaster is Fahrenheit. This roller-coaster drops you at a complete 90-degree angle. If you’re not into roller-coasters, they have plenty of other rides as well including log flumes, Ferris wheels, carousels, and bumper cars. If it’s a hot day out, you can go to the waterpark and cool off there. They have 4 huge waterslides and a water coaster that gets you wet. When I usually go to Hershey, we always go on rides with my family.

The second reason why I love Hershey is because of their awesome Chocolate World. If you just got off a roller-coaster and you’re tired, Chocolate World is the place to go. At Chocolate World, you get a tour of Hershey chocolate. At the end of the tour, they always give you chocolate to sample. If you want to eat dinner at Hershey Park, there are plenty of delicious restaurants in the park. After I eat dinner, I always go on the roller-coasters again, especially in the dark. I love the feeling of my stomach when I go down a hill on a roller-coaster.

So, now you see that the next time you want to go on a vacation, you have to go to Hershey Park. It’s the place to have thrills, make memories, and have fun. Get your luggage packed and take your next trip to Hershey!

Harrison K. wrote: "Good Ideas for Family Vacations"

Hi! This is Harrison of the MK kids crew. I’m here to help the parents of the great regions of Philly, South Jersey, and Delaware with vacation ideas. Trust me. I’m a kid.

This idea is foolproof. Take them to Walt Disney World! As a hardened veteran of the place, I know that all your troubles just melt away at Disney World. All you have to do is relax, and play all day! Five star service helps with everything, and you just have fun! Whether it’s going on rides, seeing plays, or bowling at Downtown Disney, the options are endless. So that is my number 1 pick.

If you think that it’s too clichéd, then take them to a town in Vermont called Stowe. It’s a very nice town, with lots of options for food, a mountain, and an alpine slide! Oh, and I can’t forget the real maple syrup. You’ve probably heard of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The factory is just a couple of miles away, so take your kids there for a tour, ice cream, and to see the retired ice cream graveyard (no dead bodies there). So that is my 2nd pick.

My third and final pick is Kona, Hawaii. Take your kids to a surfing lesson, or just chill under the beach, and get a tan! You can go Hula Daddy coffee to see how coffee beans are grown, and get free samples  (I got hooked on coffee there!) The weather is usually perfect, so you can be outside all day long. The best restaurant is Merriman’s. The food is at least 4 stars, maybe even 5.

So that’s all I got. Bye!

Nicole B. wrote: An Interview With Dave Brodack

1.     What do you do at Metro Kids? Sell ads for the magazine.
2.     What is your favorite part about working at MetroKids? Trying to get people to buy ads in the magazine.
3.     How long have you worked at MetroKids? For 15 and a half years.
4.     What time do you get to work? At 8:00
5.     How long does it take to get to Metro Kids? 45 minutes
6.     Do you like working in Philadelphia? Yes because it’s a fun and cool city.

Jeremy K. wrote: My Predictions for the Stanley Cup

Hi I’m Jeremy writing about the Stanley Cup finals. My predictions are the Blackhawks vs Penguins, and the Hawks win in game 5. The Hawks will win the first 3 games and the Penguins will win game 4 with a goal by Jarome Iginla in a overtime goal. In game 5 they will be tied throughout the game with a score of 3 to 3 they will go into overtime no goals Patrick Kane will score for the cup.


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