Editor’s Picks for January 2022

Here's what we're loving for your kids this month

Game Night In A Can 5thannivGame Night in a Can: Fifth Anniversary Edition

This new mix of mini games focuses on creativity and physical skill. Activities include competitively flying paper airplanes, creating ghost stories about the room you’re in, coming up with the “World’s Worst Book Cover,” banking balls of paper off another person’s face and more. $19.99, ages 8+

Nsi International All Pro Passer ScaledAll-Pro Passer

Go short! Go long! No matter where you go, it’s always the perfect throw. Programmed with the skill, timing and accuracy of a pro quarterback and nine different passing zones, this item launches the ball over 25 yards. $49.99, ages 8+


This educational toy encourages kids to form healthy habits using positivity, tangible incentives and family participation. Kids can earn tokens to exchange for incentives decided by the family. $79.95, ages 3-10

Alpha JetkartAlpha Jetkart

Upgrade from a traditional hoverboard to an exciting go-kart. Enjoy all-terrain manuverability, LED light-up wheels, lava full-color spectrum lighting on the seat, a built-in Bluetooth speaker and 500-watt motor. $349.99, ages 12 years+

OuisiOuiSi Games

OuiSi (pronounced “wee-see”) is a set of 210 visually connecting photo cards, with games and activities that foster creativity and ignite curiosity. Each photo card connects visually with other photo cards in the deck, based on similar patterns, shapes or colors. $35, ages 4+

Makena Doll Book Accessories Ws WebMakena Williams Doll, Book and Accessories

Makena Williams has a passion for fashion and uses this passion to express her views. This item also includes “Makena: See Me, Hear Me, Know Me” by Denise Lewis Patrick. Makena’s accessories include a black moto jacket, a purple patterned purse and a sketching notebook. $145, ages 8+

ZoologyalbumcoverZoology by Mama B & Uncle T

Music is composed of message-driven lyrics, interactive movement, delightful melodies and organic contemporary production. The duo’s lush harmonies deliver the sweet and engaging animal-themed songs meant for little ones. $7, birth-4 years

Train Your Mind Like A NinjaTrain Your Mind Like a Ninja

Kids will love this card deck with “30 Secret Skills for Fun, Focus and Resilience.” Using ninja training and martial arts as a fun framework, these 30 cards help kids increase their focus, compassion, emotional balance and awareness. $18.95, ages 5-9

Elena Epstein is the director of the National Parenting Product Awards. For more product reviews, visit nappaawards.com.

This piece first appeared in the January 2022 issue of  MetroKids

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