Crazy Things Parents Say

Jessica Cohen

Bill Cosby always said that kids say the darndest things. Well, how about us parents? We spit out some zingers here and there too, right? Saying crazy things is apparently a rite not only reserved for the young.

I have an old friend, who I will call Kim (because that is her name). She and her husband would keep a running dialog of absurd statements that came out of their mouths when speaking to their three daughters. Her favorite was, “Rachel, take off your wings before you come to the table.”

You know what I’m talking about. It’s those moments when you pause and think, “Did I really just say that?”

I don’t know about you, but I never thought I would hear myself making statements like, “Stop singing and eat your chicken” and “No, your intramural soccer game will not be on ESPN.”

You pause and think, “Did I really just say that?”

Recently I told my four year old that markers are for paper, not carpets. At lunch I told him to get his baseball players out of his milk. This morning I told my other son that he might want to consider putting on shoes before leaving for the bus stop.

My old college professors would be so proud.

On the other hand, these statements let us see the lighter side of parenting and the occasional absurdity of it all. As ridiculous as I may sound sometimes, I would not change it for the world.

I encourage you to journal not only the funny lines that come out of the mouths of your babes, but those which come from you as well. You won’t regret having those memories one day too.

Jessica Cohen is a Richboro, PA mom. This post is adapted from her blog, Look Who Found the Marbles.

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