Baby Safety Products for $100 or Less

Knee pads by Snazzy Baby

The cost of caution-conscious baby and toddler gadgets keeps coming down. Here’s a sampling of modestly priced products that are widely available in retail outlets and online.

It’s no substitute for supervision, but for under $25, get a cute bath monitor tub toy that measures the water’s temperature and level with an audible alarm. (At right, Starfish bath water alarm and temperature monitor by Primo)

A retractable, bright orange driveway safety net costs $50-$75. It creates a boundary that drivers shouldn’t enter and children shouldn’t leave. Some installation is required using small, common tools. Non-retractable models cost less. (At left, retractable driveway safety guard by KidKushion)

 Gates for doorways and stairs come in many styles, colors and sizes to keep babies and pets out of harm’s way.  Plan to spend $50-$60 for an extra strong model that stands up to smart kids and strong dogs.
 Harnesses are sold in every gift shop in Grand Canyon National Park, and for good reason. Kids are quick and many paths have low or no protective barriers. For the mall, theme parks and anywhere danger lurks, get a washable harness for $6 to $10. (At right, a child harness from Tommi Guard)

 Knee pads for rug rats cost about $20. Just like grown-ups wear to protect knees when weeding or skateboard, these pint-size pink knee pads go on when baby starts to crawl and also come in handy when the child, up to age 4, wants to try more bruising sports such as roller skating. (See top of article.)

 Temporary Tattoos such as those from Safety Tat are peel-and-stick labels, not to be confused with henna-based, “fun” tattoos that sometimes create skin problems for children. A pack of 24 costs under $40 and allows parents to send a message to teachers, sitters, camp counselors, lifeguards or any other strangers a child might encounter. Fifty designs are available with one or two lines where parents can pen in a message such as an emergency phone contact. (At left, temporary tattoo by Safety Tat)

Locks with keys for magnetic doors on medicine cabinets, refrigerators and elsewhere start at under $6 and they are easily installed with a stick-on back, no tools required.
 Window guards for all window styles start at about $40 in a pleasing Safety Mesh that is used instead of metal bars to avoid giving your home a jailhouse look. (At right, KidCo Safety Mesh Window Guard)
TV locks that keep top-heavy TVs from being pulled down by curious tots start at about $30. Climbing book cases, curio cabinets and TV stands is a major cause of toddler injury and death. A TV lock works best if the cabinet it attaches to is secured to the wall.
 Buy a wireless baby monitor, in color with night vision, for about $100. Costs vary depending on features and transmitting distance, but newer monitors pop out of the box and into the bedroom. No installation is required. (At left, wireless monitor with night vision by Motorola.)

Other items widely available items include:
• A bi-fold door lock, under $3 (at right, by Safety 1st)
• A child size safety grip for the bathtub, under $15
• A crib rail teether, $10
• A lock for louvered doors, $8
• An outlet plug cover, $8
• Safety door and drawer locks from $5
• A stove knob lock, $8
• A toilet lid lock, $15
• Extra cost for a child-proofed room when making reservations at kid-friendly hotels such as Loews, Sheratons and Fairmonts, $0

 Janet Groene is a freelance writer.

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