Adventure Aquarium's New Kid Zone

When we last visited the Adventure Aquarium in December, we could only see signs that hinted at a new KidZone area. Walls shielded our view, but we could hear the hard work going on behind the walls. We were intrigued. We didn’t know much but we knew it would be fun. Last Sunday, we found out just how much fun.

The new Adventure Aquarium KidZone is bright and vibrant. It is located upstairs in Zone C and runs the length of the floor. The play areas at Lizzie’s Lagoon and Bobby’s Beach are confined to one end of the floor, giving you a nice space to relax and let your child wander and play while you snap picture after picture of how much fun they are having. That’s of course if your kids stand still long enough for pictures. Excited by all there was to do, my kids dashed from exhibit to exhibit, I tried as best I could do get their pictures. You can see them in our Facebook photo gallery.

Before, there was always lots to do and see and touch, but now it’s been made better with the KidZone. When the kids get hyped up from seeing all the cool animals or are ready to burst from touching the animals oh so gently, they’ve now got this amazing little play space to burn off that energy and have fun at the same time. Check out the highlights.

Throughout the KidZone

  • Meet the newest mascots for Adventure Aquarium: Gill (shark), Lizzie (hippo), Bobbi (penguin), and Shelldon (turtle).
  • Several photo opportunity spots
  • Signs that share unknown facts about the animals behind the new Adventure Aquarium mascot

Gill’s Grotto

Touchable exhibits where you can feel a great array of sea creatures:

  • Sea stars
  • Shrimp

    • Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp
    • Fire Shrimp
    • Coral Banded Shrimp
  • Red Leg Hermit Crabs
  • Sea Apples
  • Sponges
  • You can still visit the shark and sting ray touch tanks on the main level.

Lizzie’s Lagoon

  •  Banyan tree with suspended foam “roots,” that chime like wind chimes when you walk through them.
  • Ring the bell or steer the boat in an interactive river boat.
  • Create more music with

    • colorful whale drums
    • acoustic “whomp” tubes
    • magical chime walls

Bobbi’s Beach

  •  Travel through an open-top beach maze
  • Match up the puzzle pieces in a revolving wall puzzle
  • See exotic and unique aquatic animals at heights children can see

    • waxy monkey frogs
    • upside down jellyfish
    • & more

Shelldon’s Shore

  •  Climb inside a larger-than-life turtle shell
  • Pop up or kneel under ‘pop up’ bubbles and get an insider’s view of the fish
  • Send a message through the talk tube
  • Enter a darkened area to see Flashlight Fish

Spring is a great time to visit the new KidZone. To purchase your tickets online directly with the Adventure Aquarium click here.

Jennifer Auer is a South Jersey mom of three. This post is adapted from her blog, Jersey Family Fun.

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