Society Hill Synagogue Playschool

Our Playschool is a welcoming, inclusive school for children ages 2-5 that embraces diversity in religion, ethnicity, race, and family structure. Our philosophy is child-centered and play-based. We believe that children learn through play in a safe and nurturing environment.…

Tower Hill School

Tower Hill’s preschool provides young learners with a quality education in a warm and supportive environment. Understanding that children gain knowledge through play, nurturing teachers emphasize engaging activities that allow students to explore, experiment and discover the world around them.

Bright Beginners Academy

Our preschool is designed to meet the needs of every child in a developmentally inclusive setting. Our program encourages progress at a child’s own pace and according to individual needs and abilities. Play-based learning centers for math, science, dramatic play,…

Why I send my son to camp

Summer camp always seemed weird to me and made me think of horror movies like Friday the 13th.  I never imagined sending my children to camp, especially since I’m a stay-at-home mom who never went to camp.  Even after writing…

The Ever After Audition

Whether she's the cow or the screwdriver, blogger Marion Kase has a soft spot for her children's Littlest Pet Shop-inspired fantasy play.