8 Special Needs Apps You Need

For parents & kids' tablets and smartphones

1. A Day in Our Shoes: The writers at the eponymous blog — including MomSpeak contributor Lisa Lightner — have compiled an all-encompassing app that provides news and resource links for kids across a spectrum of needs. FREE; available for Android

2. Birdhouse for Autism: Birdhouse combines the note-taking of a journal with the organization of a calendar to help parents of kids with special needs manage, track and share with family or medical professionals development milestones, medication info and doctor’s appointments. FREE; available for Android and iPhone

3. Proloquo2Go: While it carries a hefty price tag (often offsettable by insurance or grants), this app provides a comprehensive symbol-based communication platform for those who have difficulty interacting verbally. Its dictionary spans some 7,000 unique words. $249.99; available for iPhone

4. Grace App for Autism: Grace takes a pictorial approach to communication, allowing children with 
verbal challenges to use images and symbols arranged in “sentence strips” to express themselves. The app’s repository of pictures can be customized with user-uploaded photos. Available for Android ($9.99) and iPhone/iPad ($29.99)

5. Young Epilepsy: This app allows users to record info about seizures, then share stats directly 
with family or physicians. A portal provides updates on treatment options and research, and a video option allows parents to document seizures for diagnosis or patterns. FREE; available for Android and iPhone

6. DrOmnibus: Targeted toward early learners, DrOmnibus supports children with developmental and 
behavioral challenges with games that can be tailored to specific therapeutic needs and tracked for progress in cognition and communication. FREE 30-day trial; available for Android and iPhone/iPad

7. Social Navigator: Social Navigator allows kids with socializing or behavioral challenges to learn how to 
interact with others through questions about everyday scenarios. Its focus on skill-building rather than discipline helps users resolve issues and quell agitation in a constructive, educational way. $49.99; available for iPhone

8. Choiceworks: This scheduling tool allows your child to make her own day, fostering independence and self-regulation. Images and audio can be uploaded for personalization, and schedules can be saved and printed as PDFs. $6.99; available for iPhone/iPad

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