You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover…If There Is No Cover


Imagine it’s the beginning of a new semester and your child is starting at a new school for the first time. The usual anxiety that accompanies something new is present, but there’s one difference — as the student looks around the classroom, all they see are their other classmates’ names, no faces. Why? Because they enrolled in cyber school.

At cyber schools, the pressure that often comes with the superficial nature of appearance and first impressions is removed, and students are able to interact and see each other for who they are, what they stand for and what they believe. That is an experience that tens of thousands of Pennsylvania cyber charter school students have not only witnessed, but in which they have thrived.

At Agora Cyber Charter School, students from all walks of life share a cyber classroom and are given the opportunity to learn in a style that works for them. A statewide, tuition-free online public charter school, Agora is a premier provider of innovative and unique K-12 cyber education in Pennsylvania. The cyber option provided by Agora is a lifesaver for thousands of families across the state and has time and again proven to be the best choice for the specific needs of certain students. No matter a student’s zip code, status or learning level — they’re able to receive a high-quality public education.

Classes are comprised of students from every county in Pennsylvania, allowing for cross-state friendships. Peers become friends at Agora without knowing each other’s hometown, socioeconomic status, race or religion. As Instructional Coach Michelle Olsavsky says, “Students whom you’d assume would never be friends become best friends. There’s no judgment and beautiful relationships emerge. In fact, Agora-planned social activities oftentimes become emotional gatherings with lots of hugs and tears of joy.”

Agora’s approach to learning ensures students receive the quality, individualized education they deserve, one that they were likely denied at their brick-and-mortar school. A leader in cyber education, the Agora experience has been cultivated over 15 years and equips students to live up to their true potential — regardless of their academic ability or background. 
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