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Kids Corner’s Kathy O’Connell reviews new releases from the Sugar Free Allstars and Key Wilde & Mr. Clark, then previews Rock & Roar at the Philadelphia Zoo.

CD: Pleased to Meet You

On Pleased to Meet You, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke bring a new level of fun for the young. Their title counting song mixes English skiffle and rhymes (“Kevin . . . I’m 7 . . . 48 months I’ll be 11”) to teach and entertain. The band’s strength is clever rhythmic wordplay, displayed in “Animal Alphabet” (“I spy an i-bex.”) and the Ramones-y “Bigga Bagga.” Mostly rock at its purest, the CD goes electronic (“Lazy Raisins”) and bluegrass (“Chuckers” — he’s a cat) equally well. I love a woeful tale of someone who “didn’t vote in this stupid election” yet was elected “King of the Town.”

"Animal Alphabet"  


SONG: "(Look for the) Good People" – Sugar Free Allstars

Oklahoma’s Sugar Free Allstars sought solace from a faraway “neighborhood” — the one made famous by Mr. Rogers — when deadly tornadoes hit their state in May. Their song “(Look for the) Good People” was inspired by Fred Rogers’ advice to “look for the helpers” in tragic times. “You will always find people who are helping.” It’s a twangy, comforting reminder of the consistency of hope and helping in bad times. The song, available for $1, benefits Red Cross of Central and Western Oklahoma; download it here.

CONCERTS: Rock & Roar at the Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo’s Rock & Roar series of danceable Tuesday-morning kids’ concerts delights July 9 with Mister G’s bilingual rhythms. On July 23 Jersey boys Ernie & Neal rock the (animal) house. August welcomes the Paisley Pickles and Cris & Lou. Get the full schedule here.

"Vamos a la Playa," Mister G 

"Chocalalala," Mister G 

"This Whole Band," Ernie & Neal 

"Getting to Know Ernie & Neal"

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