What to do with a gift of peaches: cobbler!

Last week I received a gift of peaches.  Not sure what to do with them (they were over ripe and soft), The Teen suggested Peach Cobbler.

After searching through the net, I settled on Paula Deen's version (I admit mainly because she puts a stick of butter in the pan).

The problem was how to make my peaches ready to bake.  

Through various sites, I found that I needed to place a small slice on each peach and boil for up to a minute.
To remove the skin, I had to then place the boiled peach in ice water.
Then I sliced each peach and added it to a mixture of ground cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, and water.  In the future, I'll skip the vanilla.  It overpowered the flavor of the peaches.
Next I melted butter.  Note my makeshift recipe holder:
I used Bisquick because I didn't have self-rising flour.  I could have made my own, but I was being lazy.  I baked them and voila!

Served warm with vanilla ice cream…delish!

Raya Fagg is a mom of two from Upper Darby, PA. This post is adapted from her blog And Starring As Herself…MRSRFKJ.

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