Travel Toys

These cool new travel toys will keep kids occupied during the ride and once you get to where you're going!

Before you go…

Kids can appreciate a little extra responsibility with the TrayKit by Kids Preferred, a backpack-toy tray combo that children can carry using either a suitcase handle or shoulder straps — then hang from the back of a car seat or airplane tray table. The play tray has raised sides to catch sliding toy pieces and can be wiped down in the event of a food spill. It features various-sized compartments that let your child organize his most prized possessions. Available in a handful of cute
patterns. Ages 3 & up. From $29.95. Buy at

For the ride…

Prevent car ride meltdowns  with Ivan’s Hinge puzzle game by Fat Brain Toys. It’ll keep your kid occupied on long trips. She’ll have to maneuver hinged-together pieces into all sorts of shapes as she attempts to match the patterns on the 56 cards provided! Ages 8 & up. $12.95.
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When you get there…

Try this Frisbee-meets-ring toss outdoor sports game on the beach, at the lake or in the backyard. In the game of RingStix, players hold two sword-like “stix,” stand at least seven yards apart and propel a ring back and forth. Ringstix comes with a glow-in-the-dark ring for nighttime play. Ages 10 & up. From $19.99.
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