The Lunch Bunch


The Plastic Alternative

Using plastic bags every day becomes wasteful and expensive. Give Mother Earth and your wallet a break with a Lunchskin, a reusable and washable fabric food holder. The patterned pouches come in various sizes that snugly fit sandwiches or snacks. $7.99-$9.99. Available at

Exclusive Offer:
Available only to MetroKids readers! is based in Aston, PA. The shop only takes orders online, but you can save on shipping by picking up your Lunchskins in person. Use code PICKUP when you order.


The New Standard

The ClassMate StudyHaul Lunch Box from Lands’ End features spacious, leak-free interiors that can comfortably hold bigger items like Tupperware. The company promises food will stay cold all morning with an icepack. This reliable option is available in colors that match a line of backpacks, including solid brights and camouflage. $19.50.


Perfect for Preschoolers

Lunch Sacks by Dabbawalla Bags boldly announce your little one’s personality: “Smart Cookie” or “Big Cheese.” The small tote is made of cushiony, PVC-free material, making it easier to squeeze into a backpack compared to a hard lunchbox. Or let your preschooler carry it by the handle, which is sized nicely for little fingers. $28.


Stephanie Halinski is calendar editor and toy/product coordinator of MetroKids.


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