The 10 Best Things About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those things that some times gets a bad rap while simultaneously being one of the most amazing, incredible things in the world . . . sort of like chocolate cake. Ok bad analogy, but you catch my drift? When women get the itch to start a family, it becomes consuming and all we can think about is becoming pregnant. When it finally happens, if we are so fortunate, what do we do? We complain about it. Sure, there are things about pregnancy that are less than desirable – the weight gain, the nausea, the severe fatigue, surviving 9 months worth of mocktails (womp, womp) just to name a few – but because this is my last pregnancy (no, really), I’ve decided that I have no choice but to savor these last few weeks and celebrate everything that is freaking awesome about being pregnant.

10. Conversation saver

How about that weather? HOW ABOUT THAT BABY? Yes, conversation is never dull once the word is out that you are, in fact, pregnant. Try to get through a conversation without someone asking you how you are feeling. Or have some fun with it, when someone asks when you are due, tell them you are not actually pregnant just to see their reaction. So cruel, but so fun.

9. Productive Saturdays

Thanks to NEVER being hung over. Bedtime tea has never been so . . . chic?

8. Letting it all hang out

It’s a LIBERATING feeling to never have to “suck in” because your shirt is too tight. When it comes to pregnancy, the bigger the better. Embrace that round belly and take lots of pictures. I can’t believe I am saying this, but you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

7. Cleavage

Halle-freakin-lujah to that, right?

6. Self-betterment

Thanks to lots of practice with selflessness. Everything you put on your body or put in your body, you will first consider how it could affect the baby. Pregnancy is the ultimate test of self control and it will stick with you forever because once you have that baby, you will never be the same.

5. Happy piggy bank

Think of all the money you have saved staying in on Friday nights because you were just too tired to go out. Sushi has been replaced with it’s less expensive takeout counter part: pizza. Designer denim has been replaced with cotton leggings (or anything that has an elastic waist band). Wine has been replaced with *sigh* . . . water, the sparkling variety, if you’re lucky. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hand bags and sunglasses ALWAYS fit no matter how big your belly gets. So when mention of a great sale pops up in your inbox, I say go for it. Think of all the money you’ve saved. And how many BabyCenter emails do we get encouraging us to pamper ourselves?

4. No Whining Zone

As excited as we are to meet our babies, for now, they sleep through the night (for the most part), if they are crying, we can’t hear them, and we have no diapers to change, yet we still get to be with them and snuggle them close for 40 straight weeks.

3. Baby Kicks

Coolest feeling ever.

2. The Miracle

The fact that your body can create and grow a human is mind blowing. And the fact that all you really need to do is keep your self healthy, tolerate some changes, and passively wait is even more incredible.

1. The Anticipation

Nine months is a long time to wait, but the excitement that culminates with what Ithink is the absolute best life experience (giving birth) . . . there is nothing like it. There is no experience in life that has a reward as incredible as pregnancy.

And the bonus? Not only am I giving myself (and my husband) the best gift in the world, I am also giving it to my sons . . . a sibling.

And how do I know that? Because I have four siblings myself.

So if you’re pregnant, put your party shoes on and rock it.

Totally kidding. I wore this for about 30 seconds and then immediately retreated into these and these. Put your feet up, because you can, and enjoy it while it lasts, because believe it or not (and I know it’s hard) pregnancy does not last forever.

What was your favorite part about being pregnant?! Thanks to those who shared already on Instagram – I loved hearing what you had to say!

Lindsey Schuster is a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. She blogs at The MotherChic.

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