Take the Kids: Ardmore, PA

Straddling Montgomery Cty. & Delaware Cty., this residential yet urban town is the largest and most diverse on the Main Line. From shopping, to dining, to exploring, there is plenty for families to do if you know where to look.

Go: Ardmore is a transportation hub, accessible by both Amtrak & SEPTA trains (39 Station Ave.). There are plenty of metered parking spots, and all parking is free on Sundays and other days after 5:30pm.

Eat: At Snap Custom Pizza, the whole family can create the pizza of your dreams, choosing from a variety of sauces, cheese, proteins, vegetables and other toppings. (4 Station Rd.)

Shop: Check out the one-of-a-kind pucciManuli, a European-style store that carries heirloom and bespoke toys. A wonderland for both children & adults, it celebrates toymakers as the amazing artists that they are. (35 Cricket Ave.)

Snack: Grab a cup of coffee for yourself and some candy for the kids at The Head Nut. This family-owned business also stocks teas, dried fruit, herbs and spice and, of course, a wide variety of nuts. (2408-10 Haverford Rd.)

Craft: Relax & express your inner creative side with your children at The Mud Room ceramic and craft studio. The studio provides art supplies like brushes, paints, glazes and stencils, and you provide the inspiration. (11 Station Ave.)

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