Salon Leo

When you're a time-crunched mom, salon time's a luxury. Lucky MomSpeaker Sandra Telep has a son who lavishes attention on her in a downright spa-like way. Even better, his salon game — and the chitchat that comes with it — has proved a great way for the two to connect on a deeper level.

These day's Leo's favorite game to play is salon. I, too, am a fan because it is a game I can play with him while seated and sometimes even while doing something else (like nursing Zoe or flipping through a magazine). He started out a little rough, digging the comb into my scalp and with little regard for my poor ears, but these days he gives a decent comb-out. More so than his actual hair-styling skills, though, I'm impressed with his aptitude for hairdresser chit-chat. We've had some great chats, most of them driven by his own insightful questions. Here are my top favorite Leo salon quotes:

  • "So, how was your class?" He always starts with a question that shows a genuine interest in the client . . . of course.
  • "Sometimes when something is difficult we have to keep working at it." He randomly drops these pearls of wisdom in his beauty shop advice.
  • "You can't make your saloner laugh so hard!" He calls himself a "saloner" and butters me up by making me feel hilarious. Fishing for a tip, perhaps?
  • "Just so you know, nursing is allowed in this salon. You can nurse your baby while I salon you." This in response to Zoe asking to nurse (which she does every time she sees me seated).
  • "I'm glad you came it today, this is a mess." Just in case it's not clear how much I need him, he let me know I can't be left to my own devices when it comes to my hair. I can't say I disagree.

If I could just teach Zoe to give a good mani-pedi, I'll be set. 

Sandra Telep is a West Philadelphia mom of two. This post is adapted from her blog, West Philly Mama.

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