Renovated Bucks Skate Park Now Open

The Central Bucks Y's Skate Park has reopened with new features created by designer Gene Rosmarin.

Nationally known skate park designer Gene Rosmarin’s fourth renovation of the Central Bucks YMCA’s Skate Park has opened at the Y’s main campus, Lower State St. at Memorial Dr. in Doylestown, PA

The renovations expand the park, adding a large section with obstacles including a wall . Other modifications add variety and allow skaters to move throughout the skateboarding area. Jay DePue, associate youth director for the Y, says these new features “really step up the ‘rideability’ factor of the park.”

“Skateboarding is all about progression and creativity," says DePue. "After skating the same obstacle over and over it can become mundane. Adding and changing obstacles is as exciting as it gets for someone who has been skating the park for a few years.”

The park is open to skaters age 8 and older. A season pass is $142. Skaters ages 12-17 receive access to the Y’s Teen Center as part of their membership. For more info, call 215-348-8131, ext. 143,  visit the Y’s website, check out the Skate Park’s Facebook page or e-mail Jay DePue.

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