Meet an MK Family: The Keelys


Talk about your bucket-filler! East Greenville, PA 8-year-old Morgan Keely’s just been named a nationwide Hasbro Community Action Hero for spearheading Morgan’s Magical Ears, which raises money to compile sand buckets of stuffed animals and treats for kids awaiting surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

It’s a situation Morgan knows well: Born deaf, her “magical ears” are the bilateral cochlear implants she received at CHOP. For the past four years, her family — mom Julie (who fills us in here), dad Ben and sis Rylee (3) — have been helping Morgan pay it forward.

Morgan's been involved in her charitable efforts for half her life. How does a 4-year-old get interested in helping other kids this way?

“Morgan began her project after one of her numerous surgeries at CHOP. She was so thrilled to receive a little token after one surgery, she said to me on the way home, ‘Mommy, can I do something like this for other kids? I want them to feel as special as this made me feel.’ ”

How many buckets has she delivered so far?

Morgan has donated over 525 buckets to date. That cost would be almost $10,000. Our last bucket drop-off was at Easter and our next will be in July. She donates on Easter, Christmas and on both of her ears' (cochlear implants) birthdays.

Is the effort a family affair?

“We raise awareness several times a year. A big event is when we sell funny cakes at our small town’s Community Days. Morgan also talks about her project to area churches and schools. Word keeps spreading. She receives lots of donations from organizations in the area as well as some far away. Everyone feels good when you pay it forward. Who doesn't want to see a child or parent smile, especially when they are sick and scared.” 

What have you found to be the best area support for Morgan and other kids with cochlear implants?

How was Morgan selected as a Hasbro Community Action Hero?

"Someone sent in a nomination for Morgan. We have so many supporters wanting to share her good works."

What's your favorite ways to spend time together?

“We love to spend time at the YMCA, go boating and make campfire s’mores or paintings and pottery at Art on Main Studio.”

What's the best-kept kid secret in East Greenville?

“Our town is so small, there are no secrets!” 


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