Embracing Midlife by Celebrating Myself

As I turn 45 this year, I’ve been reflecting on my past and how I can embrace getting older instead of dwelling on it. I remember as I turned 25 years old and sitting with friends crying that my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Boy, if only I knew then what I know now. I’d be rejoicing! There have been many series of events that have shaped me into the person I am today, but I know that I can always do better. Continue to learn, explore life’s options and embrace midlife by celebrating myself.

Now that my kids are getting a bit older our lives have become a whirlwind. There are days (most days) that I don’t stop until 9-10 o’clock at night. Between school events, sports and keeping our life organized, I lose track of what matters to me. What I need to make my life happy and content. The days that I yell a little more, seem shorter with the kids and my husband or just feel tired of everything is life telling me that hey…YOU MATTER!! Start acting like it. So I check in with myself to see if I’m taking care of me. Here are a few ways I recharge and reconnect with myself, because if I’m not happy with me then it leaves my family struggling too.

EATING HEALTHY – This is a huge one for me. I can always tell when life is getting too busy and I don’t have time to make healthy dinners or even take a moment to make myself something healthy to eat. I start craving healthier foods so I then step back and take a minute revisit my diet. Getting back to basics by eating a healthy breakfast, and instead of buying junk at the sporting events, I pack my own. Not only do we save money but I’m also feeling much better about the choices I’m making.

TAKING CARE OF MY BODY – Besides eating healthy I try and focus on doing some sort of exercise a few times a week. It could be running, swimming or just walking our dog. Spending at least 30 minutes giving my body a workout keeps my body and immune system healthy.

FEELING GOOD IN YOUR OWN SKIN – Sometimes (for me) it’s necessary to spend time shopping for clothes that make me feel good. There is nothing better than feeling good in your own skin and loving what you are wearing. It brings out my self confidence and I feel prettier. When shopping I try and choose brands that are sustainable like PrAna or have fun finding clothes at second-hand shops.

SPENDING TIME ALONE – With two kids in multiple activities throughout the year and teaching full time I have almost zero time throughout the day for myself, unless I make it. I try and find at least 30 minutes each day just for me. I try and meditate, read a book, take the dog for a walk, play in my garden, or just sit with a nice glass of wine. Giving myself those few minutes each day recharges me to move forward. Getting up at least an hour before everyone also keeps me sane. I can get a few things done while the house is quite; it’s a great way to start my day.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter how you spend your time just as long as you do something for you every day. It’s seriously the best thing I can do for me and my family. Without it, I’d be a nagging witch much more than I already am. #NotJoking

Cheers to midlife!

Trina O’Boyle is a Drexel Hill mom of two, a contributor to MK’s MomSpeak blogroll and an organic cooking expert. Check out her meal plans, recipes and ruminations at O’Boy Organic.

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