Dawn of the Daddy Bloggers

Readers of MomSpeak know how much we love our mommy bloggers here at MetroKids. Daddy bloggers may be fewer in number, but they're making up for it in buzz.

Recently, 200 such web scribes attended the Dad 2.0 Summit, a conference specifically designed to link sponsors to guys whose online identity is caught up in their kids' existence. Babble compiles a list of the top 50 dad bloggers each year. There's a Facebook page devoted to these dudes, and the phenomenon's gone international, with Australian news outlets picking up on the trend.

Like mom bloggers, dad bloggers each have their own niche, running the gamut from geek to rugged outdoorsman. They've got names like Grill Interrupted (a foodie dad blog) and Why Is Daddy Crying? (subject matter self-evident). And there are a ton of punny ones, like Dad or Alive, where Adrian Kulp muses on his days with his two tots. Following in the footsteps of myriad mom bloggers, Kulp's inked a book deal. A preview of Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-Home Dad just arrived at the office, and it tickled our collective funny bone.

In it, the Philly-bred father describes his state of mind when pressed into setting up a Diaper Genie instead of watching his beloved Phils clinch the World Series. He's comfortable being the kind of guy who carries both sweet and savory snacks, to mollify his kids' every craving, and is not ashamed to have coined the term "bjurination," referring to the act of using the lavatory with a babe-filled Baby Bjorn strapped to his chest. If this is an example of the dad blogosphere, we're in.

Cheryl Krementz is the new managing editor of MetroKids.

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