Angela Cherry

Meet a MetroKids Mom

Mom to Tianna, age 3
Dispatcher for the DSU Police
Full-time criminal justice student 


Best thing about living in Dover:

The proximity to larger cities yet still having a small-city feel. I like that it doesn’t take a long time to get where we need to go. I also like all the parks where we can go to play. 

The secret to managing it all:

Prioritize and make lists. My number one priority in life is my daughter; after that I just write up lists to make sure I succeed and give everything my all. My calendar is my best friend. Having support from Tianna’s dad and my family in “Tianna coverage” helps out a lot. I don’t think I’d be able to do all I do without them. 

Angela's daily magnets activity:
  Each of Tianna's magnets on our
  fridge represents an activity.

  We'll go over Tianna's day, putting
  the magnets in order. A day might
  go like this: wash face, brush
  teeth, wash hands, eat breakfast,
  school, snack, play time, read, TV,
  dinner, brush teeth, PJs, bedtime.
  If we add anything during the day,
  Tianna reminds me to post a
  magnet to the fridge. This helps her
  understand what will happen
  throughout her day.

Funniest reprimand:

Tianna is in her “butt phase,” so everything “booty” is funny to her. She wiggles her butt in the air, and I’ve had to tell her that is not what young ladies do. 

Songs you want your kid to love:

Tianna really loves most songs that I do and likes to sing along. Her favorite is “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. She hasn’t really embraced my love for country music yet but we are working on it!

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