Agora, a PA Statewide, Tuition-free Online Public Charter School

Agora is a premier provider of innovative and unique K-12 cyber education in Pennsylvania.

As we head into a new school year, there is a lot of discussion and confusion over state-run cyber charter schools.

Unfortunately, some Pennsylvania legislators are pushing for bills that would drastically and irrevocably change schooling in PA and create a landscape devoid of the options and opportunities that have given tens of thousands of families a more accessible and successful means to fulfilling futures for their children.

Misinformation about state-run cyber charter schools is widespread, with many believing that each of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts should run its own cyber programs. However, district-run cyber programs are merely correspondence schools that offer the bare minimum in instruction, oversight and all that makes a school like Agora Cyber Charter so successful.

A statewide, tuition-free online public charter school, Agora is a premier provider of innovative and unique K-12 cyber education in Pennsylvania. With admission available to any Pennsylvania student between the ages of 5 and 20, the cyber option provided by Agora is a lifesaver for thousands of families across the state and has time and again proven to be the best choice for their child’s specific needs.

Most educators now correctly recognize the need for an alternative option for students who are unable to physically attend school every day whether due to medical issues, learning differences, family obligations, or career pursuits.

Over the years, countless families have come to Agora and shared stories of how they wouldn’t have been able to receive a quality education if not for a school like Agora.

While many Pennsylvania school districts now provide some form of a “cyber school” option, those online classes provide little more than recorded class sessions. Families are left on their own if they have questions or want their child to interact socially with other students in live sessions.

The Agora experience is one that has been cultivated over the last 15 years as they’ve gained experience, evolved, built resources, and created successful learning environments.

Agora embraces a collaborative partnership between teachers and parents and live interactions make the difference in success. It has proven that it prepares students to achieve their highest potential through an education that works best for them and their family.

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