A Day at the Devon Horse Show

Get a glimpse of the sights at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair in Devon, PA.

Last weekend, my family and I visited the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. Here's what we saw.





Horses, naturally!

Seriously gorgeous horses, ridden on the day we were there by young equestrians. It was Youth Day, and the riders all seemed poised and self-assured well beyond their years, guiding their mounts with confidence. The girls (we saw only one boy rider) looked crisp in their jackets, jodhpurs and boots, large bows securing the long braids plaited like their horses' tails.

We watched two pony jump events in the main ring. We saw flawless runs, horses who balked when approaching a gate, a few knocked-down fence slats and two terrible falls. Pony jumping's not for the faint of heart.

We strolled around the vendor village, where 60 or so high-end retail outlets selling everything from tableware to saddles to equestrian art and jewelry welcomed fairgoers. Then we headed over to Food Alley, where you can find fare ranging from tea sandwiches and salads to burgers, dogs, pizza and ice cream. And don't forget to stop by the Candy Booth for the famous fudge and lemon stick!

My sons are a little too old for the kiddie rides, but families with young children will find plenty of amusement in the midway, lined with several rides, carnival-type games and a moonbounce. There'll be even more family fun on Sunday, June 2, for Children's Day. Come say hi to us at the MetroKids station in the gazebo, where you'll also find caricature artists, face painters and maybe a clown or two. See you then!

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