Zoo-on-Wheels to Continue Fun and Educational Programs

Elmwood Park Zoo receives grant to continue to offer mobile programs for kids
Photo By Brett Sayles From Pexels

Photo By Brett Sayles From Pexels

Elmwood Park Zoo’s Zoo-on-Wheels program will continue to bring their mobile educational programs to public venues including schools, hospitals, libraries and more thanks to a grant from the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club.

According to a Montgomery Media article, the Sun Club awarded the zoo a $65,000 sustainability grant to purchase a hybrid SUV, as well as two solar-powered golf carts to help those with mobility issues tour the zoo.

The Zoo-on-Wheels program brings live animals and interesting artifacts to local kids through their fun and educational experiences. The various programs are tailored to specific audiences. Ages three and up can learn about animal classifications, five senses and adaptations. For second through ninth graders, the program offers classes on habitats and endangered species. Zoo-on-Wheels also has a program specifically for special needs groups that encourages sensory and tactile learning.

You can book a Zoo-on-Wheels program online, by calling the zoo’s education department at (800) 652-4143 x236 or emailing education@elmwoodparkzoo.org.

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