Winter Fun: Day 14

Presidents' Day Fun

Want the kids to know a little more about why they have the day off from school this Monday? Or, just looking for some themed fun? Check out a trio of activities that’ll showcase the American spirit and creativity.



FREE Event Alert!

Go straight to the source – celebrate Presidents’ Day with the National Constitution Center.

Through Monday, they’ll be hosting special events and reduced admission, but Presidents’ Day (Mon., Feb. 16) ONLY, admission is FREE and kids partake in Kids Town Hall, getting to meet special guests Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Families will also be able to cast their votes in a “Bubblegum Ballot” and create make-and-take crafts like Washington and Lincoln hats.


Patriotic Treat

Presidents’ Day Cookies

What You’ll Need:

  • Nilla Wafers
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolate & Vanilla Frosting
  • Black Edible Marker (optional)


  1. For George – attach marshmallows to each side of a wafer with vanilla frosting. Draw on eyes and a smile with frosting or black edible marker.
  2. For Abe – use chocolate frosting to attach mini chocolate chips ¾ of the way around the wafer. With the remaining ¼ cookie edge, use the frosting to add on cut-up pieces of the chocolate bar. Draw on eyes and a smile with frosting or black edible marker.

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Game On!

Presidents’ Day Bingo

Celebrate the nation’s leaders found on the back of coins with games (and math!).

Create or download a simple Bingo card template. Then, determine how you’ll play. Some suggestions: calling out the coin names, the value of coins combined in a given square, presidential trivia or the person on the back of the coin.

For presidential trivia, ask simple questions about the people on each coin. If the kids think it’s the right president, they can flip the coin over (and continue to do so until they have bingo).

For coin value, call out the correct total and if the kids think they have it on their card, they can pile the coins or mark it with something small (and continue to do so until they have bingo). 

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