Why not today?

I am so proud of The Teen!

The season is over for the Upper Darby Marching Royals, and by all accounts they had a phenomenal year. Their performance is below.

The Teen would get up at the crack of dawn for practice. She would head over to the elementary school across the street and compete with a pick up game of baseball to practice her moves.  She found ways to Color Guard an important part of her life.

She just did it.  Unlike me, who can find every excuse under the sun to not do something.

***What have I been putting off, saying I'll do it another day?***

I could start with Mount Laundry, but I wanted to be a little more personal.

I can begin with my non existent yoga practice. I find time every morning to watch a repeat of American Dad! I could definitely use that half an hour to center myself.

There's my finances. I've been mulling over a side job at a retail store, but I've been there, done that. I'm past the stage of dealing with frantic shoppers, possible thieves and the like. Plus, my weekends are pretty full with the other things I do (scouts, reading, knitting, eating, Miss Daisy duties).  Over the weekend, I found multiple magazine subscriptions that I signed up for when I first got my Kindle. I immediately cancelled them and went through my bank statements to see what other places I could save money.

Date Night.  With The Mister or myself. I put off spending time outside of the status quo because…I have no good reason. I can ask my mom to keep the kids and head to dinner with The Mister or even by myself.

We saw Skyfall this weekend. Daniel Craig lust aside, I enjoyed losing myself in the theater for a few hours. I felt refreshed and relaxed when I got back home.  Recharging was good after last week.

What have you put off since yesterday?

Raya Fagg is a mom of two from Upper Darby, PA. This post is adapted from her blog And Starring As Herself…MRSRFKJ.

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